Vitibex Gel





Available Since: 2009


  1. L Phenylalanine
    • Acts as an inhibitor of cytolytic antibodies and allows sun radiation to stimulate the migration of melanocytes from non-vitiliginous areas to vitiliginous areas.
  2. Black Pepper Oil
    • Piperine, which is found in Black pepper oil, stimulates the skin to product pigments (melanin).
  3. Black Cumin Oil
    • Thymoquinone, which is found in Black Cumin Oil, is an anti-oxidant and is known to dispersion of melanin, which leads to skin darkening.
  4. Watermelon Seed Oil
    • Watermelon is rich in Copper. Copper is a cofactor in melanin production and is useful in the pathway of enzyme Tyrosinase.
  5. Zinc Oxide
    • Zinc is a potential antiapoptotic agent. Apoptosis of melanocytes may be involved in the pathogenesis of vitiligo. Zinc plays a key role in the process of melanogenesis.
  6. Glycerin
    • Glycerin is used to hydrate the skin by attracting moisture and sealing it in.




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