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Available Since: 2009


  1. Pumpkin Seed Extract
    • Rich in essential fatty acids, Beta-carotenes, lutein, tocopherols, phytosterols and other nutrients. It inhibits 5α-reductase.
  2. Green Tea Extract
    • Rich in EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), it stimulates hair growth through dual proliferative and anti-apoptotic effects on dermal papilla cells.
  3. Green Apple Skin Extract
    • The skin of green apple is rich in polyphenols and procyanidin B2. It stimulates hair growth, hair number, hair weight and keratin content.
  4. Grape Seed Extract
    • Grape Seeds are rich in Proanthocyanidin; it possesses hair-cycle-converting activity from the telogen phase to the anagen phase. It also improves blood flow in the scalp.
  5. Beta sitosterol
    • It is a phytosterol which inhibits 5α-reductase.
  6. Vitamin B6
    • Induces improvement in condition of hair and reduces hair loss during telogen phase.
  7. Vitamin B12
    • Promotes healthy hair by assisting in the production of oxygen-rich blood cells which feed hair follicles.
  8. Folic Acid
    • Folic Acid assists in the keratinization of hair during active hair growth.
  9. Biotin
    • Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, is a water soluble B Vitamin which has a role in hair and nail health.
  10. Selenium Yeast
    • Trace elements essential for promoting healthy hair growth
  11. Copper Sulphate
    • Trace elements essential for promoting healthy hair growth.
  12. Manganese Sulphate
    • Trace elements essential for promoting healthy hair growth.
  13. Ferrous Fumarate
    • Iron helps in boosting blood circulation and ensures oxygen reaches roots of the hair.
  14. Chromium Polynicotinate
    • Trace elements essential for promoting healthy hair growth.
  15. Taurine
    • It is an amino acid, found naturally in the hair. It increases the life span of the hair. Taurine protects the hair from deleterious effects of Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) β1.
  16. L Arginine
    • Arginine is an amino acid in keratin. It strengthens hair, reduces hair breakage.
  17. L Ornithine L Aspartate
    • It is a combination of 2 amino acids – Ornithine and aspartic acid, which strengthens hair.
  18. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
    • Rich in Sulphur, it can form bonds that are essential to strengthening of hair.
  19. Calcium Pantothenate
    • Increases density and thickness of hair.
  20. Zinc Sulphate
    • Increases density and thickness of hair.


Androgenic Alopecia


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