About Newtrimed

Newtrimed was founded on 7th February 2000 and later converted as a private limited company under the banner Newtrimed HealthCare Pvt Ltd on 11th July 2016 (CIN – U36999TN2016PTC111358).The company banks on over 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry of its founding director, T M Kannan. NHCPL has a significant presence in the hardcore dermatology and cosmeceutical segment with over 40 unique formulations, many of which are the first time in India. Known for its ability to offer need-based formula in state-of-the-art packaging coupled with scientific professional marketing, NHCPL enjoys the warmth and patronage of many dermatologists.


  • People
  • Product
  • Plan
  • Prosperity
The strength of the company is a sum of the strength of its employees
Unique product composition encased within state of the art packaging
Scientific sales promotional strategy which has made us gain a foothold in the market amongst many competitors
The success which is obtained when the other 3 Ps are done right

Managing Director

T M Kannan @ T M Srinivasan

Managing Director


Known as TMS in the field, Kannan is a gold medallist science graduate from Madura College, Madurai University. He began his pharma experience as a medical representative in Dey’s Medicals. The big step came when Fourrts India Laboratories was founded and he was one of the founding directors of the company from its inception till 1989. Later in his career, he was appointed as a consultant by Unilever for launch of their product amongst doctors. He has hands on experience in many research studies (animal, human and market), including a research study regarding the wound healing effects of Phenytoin Sodium under the guidance of Dr G N Menon, consultant to The Health Foundation of New York (formerly Dreyfus Medical Foundation). He also had the honour of preparing the double-blinded codification for an animal study conducted at Mangalore Medical College. He was a consultant for Sapphire Pharmaceuticals, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and for two Indian pharmaceutical companies who were specialising in dermatology. He has experience in exporting products to various companies like Germany, Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Board of Directors

T M Lakshmynarayan

Lakshmynarayan, a gold medallist in MCA, has joined the Board of Directors of NHCPL after having served in various IT companies, including HCL, Amazon for more than 12 years at different management levels.

Vivek T M

Vivek has joined the Board of Directors of NHCPL after having worked in an IT company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for nearly 5 years.

Research Studies

The founder of Newtrimed HealthCare has actively participated in various research studies, some of them are:
  1. Effectiveness of topical phenytoin in Diabetic ulcers in collaboration with The Health Foundation of New York at MMC, Mangalore.
  2. Oral Selenium supplementation as chemoprophylaxis in head and neck cancer at CMC, Vellore.
  3. What makes a Doctor prescribe a product and stop prescribing a product with more than 200 doctors in Chennai.

Our Vision

To be the leader in dermatological and cosmeceutical sales in prescription market through

Innovative And Need Based Product Design

We design and promote innovative dermatological, cosmeceutical and nutritional products with an aim to cater to the needs of the consumer which is defined by dermatologists.


We are driven by our own responsibilities. Whether it is the work that we do or the products that we market, quality comes innately when the responsibility is owned.

Good Marketing Practices

By employing ethical marketing practices to promote our products, by complying and timely upgradation to the latest guidelines set forth by the relevant government departments, having a healthy relationship with our distributors and stockists.


Be it online, offline or on the job, to meet the ever changing industry standards, training is imparted at periodic intervals to ensure the objectives of both the individual and the company is met.

Marketing Strategy

To achieve optimum benefits, the unique product design concept are delivered through interesting marketing strategy backed up with scientific information.

Customer Delight

Building trust and confidence since 2000, by offering innovative and need based products which are backed up by scientific studies, by addressing consumer feedback on priority, constantly improving the products and complying to various standards.


Progress in health is fitness

Progress in wealth is richness

Progress in mind is happiness

Long live with peace of mind, happiness and prosperity.